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I help businesses craft and implement effective marketing strategies to rapidly grow their business and increase ROI.

The one thing that has moved me forwards the most in the past 10 years is investing in myself, whether that meant courses, coaching or mentors. Every investment I made 10x'ed my growth and made me who I am today.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by marketing, or are just looking for a bit of direction with your overall strategy, I'd love to chat and help guide you down the right path to 10x your investment in me.
Jamil Velji
The SaaS Growth Expert
I only take on 10 of these one-on-one calls a month. No more. And it always sells out FAST.

Ryan Gum, Attach.io

"Jamil is one of the few true authorities on creating and executing high-impact content strategies. He was able to create a comprehensive 90 day content strategy for us from scratch – and the level of detail and creativity blew me away."

Andrew Kaplan, AK Communications

"Jamil always finds a way to stay ahead of the curve and his strategies are rock-solid. I learned in 45 minutes what would have taken a year with most other so-called "marketing experts" who I've learned from in the past. Check his content out and see for yourself."
Easy Automated Sales @ 2016