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Learn why you'll make ZERO progress until you adjust your mindset and fully understand the  mindset of your clients.

If you haven't noticed, marketing is shifting underneath your feet. Marketing is now about implementing scientifically tested strategies that work (counterintuitively) like MAGIC. But, even more marketing is also very much about personal relationships, no matter what scale your business is at.

You can't fully cultivate personal relationships without understanding the latest technology. You need an ally who can apply what works to your business so that you don't fall behind. So that instead you race ahead.

Growth means you help more of your clients live the lives they dream of. We share exponential growth tactics that leverage the relationships you've already built.
“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.”
—Zig Ziglar
Lost? We can help...
“One degree or one millimeter … of perception change or angle change, means the difference between success and failure, moving on or staying stuck.”
—Tony Robbins

Why Invisible String?
You've put in the hard work but haven't seen the results

What's missing? 

Congratulations! There are already strategies and tactics that you understand. 

And yes, you know of some things that you need to learn.
But what about the missing pieces? The blind spots? 

The key strategies and tactics that you weren't even aware of? 

You need lateral thinking. You need creative perspectives.

Find the blind spots that you would literally never discover on your own.

Learn to read that map that's been right in front of you the whole time.
Why Invisible String?
Gain access to master plans... 

Ripped off and respected, effective and efficient,

Implement business tactics and marketing strategies that are powerful enough to truly produce. 

10X the results of your competition.

Triple your response rates. 

Turn well crafted text into credit cards, PayPal, cash and checks.

Earn the love and trust of thousands of eager clients.
“Understanding how to find, persuade and win over customers is the magic sauce of all great marketing.” 
—John Carlton: Master Marketer and Copywriter
Why Invisible String?
"Our brains evolved hundreds of thousands, millions of years ago when the world was local and linear compared to the world that’s global and exponential today."
—Peter Diamandis: Futurist, Entrepreneur
If you are ready to foresee and avoid the coming obstacles, 

or worse, 

if you've realized that your current marketing strategy is not working, 

if you're backsliding

if you're ready to completely change your game... 

Prepare to find your new game. 

Get ready to get uncomfortable and then settle into your new level of success.
Why Invisible String?
More customers. 

More Revenue. 

More Often. 

Learn how to turn existing customers into a gold mine. 

Implement the technology and systems necessary to scale your business without sacrificing your sanity.
“in order to get to the next level of whatever you're doing, you must think and act in a wildly different way than you previously have been. You cannot get to the next phase of a project without a grander mind-set, more acceleration, and extra horsepower.”
—Grant Cardone: Author, The 10X Rule
About Invisible String
Eathan Janney
I'm Eathan Janney and I'm here to serve you.

I was born in a small town in Michigan in a rural property near the woods. A ravine with a creek ran behind our property and beyond that was a railroad track that led down to a lake.

As a kid I explored in the woods, put pennies on the railroad tracks for the trains to smash, and followed the creek on down to the lake to catch bluegills and sunfish with my friends.

My mother was a working mom who raised me herself from when I was the age of ten. She was dyslexic and learning disabled. She never went to college but somehow she survived as a stay at home mom turned reluctant entrepreneur and business consultant. 

Lord only knows how she did that. 
When I was a kid I learned to help.

I learned how to execute on solid midwestern values and to work hard. Along the way I've become a successful investor, an accomplished musician, a programmer and software developer, a published scientist and PhD, an entrepreneur, a university instructor, a mentor, an advisor and a leader.

But I'm only special in that I happened along the right mentors, institutions and communities, the right locales, pathways and the right insights.

My life has been a unique and quirky stroke of luck and so has my career. 

And I'm grateful to have learned early on to make my own luck, which has only compounded my good fortune.

My deepest desire is to share the secrets that I know. They are not special but only undiscovered.

And each day I learn more and then share more. 

My mission is to help as many people as possible each day in the most impactful ways I can. 

I want to help you help others and together change our worlds. 

I've learned that every human being has a deep inner value. I've learned to discover my own value and find highest the value in you and in your business.
I reached out to Eathan to learn about his perspective which allowed him to see abundant opportunities where others see problems. I was expecting a story, and hoped to model what he did from a description of how he went about his business. What Eathan offered me was immeasurably more valuable. He focused on understanding my business needs and the deep underlying causes of my frustrations. He set out to help me see solutions for myself. Eathan asked probing insightful questions, shared stories that were engaging, persuasive, and very much to the point,  As a result, I made more progress in the following couple of days than I had in preceding weeks.

Eathan's empathy, natural - and good-natured - curiosity, and analytical abilities honed by rigorous scientific training and by running a business translate into a remarkably compelling combination of skills for a business coach. I loved our conversation and am grateful to Eathan for his help in moving my business forward."

-Andrew Perry, Tidal Wave Solutions
"While in the process of negotiating a business purchase, I talked to Eathan about how to value a client list. His answers were insightful and helped solidify some of the reasearch that I had done. With his help, my negotiating position is now stronger."

-Benjamin Rocke, Piano Technician
"Eathan has a great way of highlighting opportunities. He took his time to listen to my frustrations in my market and create a plan with me to overcome the obstacles. If you have the time and opportunity to talk to Eathan, take it. You won't regret it!"

-Rodolfo Rivera, Software Entrepreneur
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